Changes In 2015

We are excited to announce that beginning January 2015, our company will be going Completely digital! What does this mean? In addition to what we already do to reduce our carbon footprint, you can look forward to the following.

  • No paper Service Orders or Invoices will be left at your home. Instead, they will arrive to your email. So please make sure that all of your information is up-to-date with our office. Also, please allow up to 3 business days for information to be processed on our end. If you do not utilize email, (and in this day & age very few don't), you will receive both the service order & the invoice at the same time in your Post Mail Box.
  • Online/ Website Bill Payment Options. You can now pay your bill online here
  • Our Newsletters will no longer be sent to you. All important information can now be found in Blogs on our homepage.

To better serve our customers, we are expanding our services. In addition to Irrigation & Landscaping, we also are offering the following services.

Our employees will now be outfitted with new uniforms! You will no longer see our typical red & khaki.

We will soon be having a loyalty card for some of our services. Please keep an eye out for the update on that.


The Peters Group

Previously Known as Affordable SprinklersBusinesses are started with an idea. The Peters Group was no different. Owner Chris Peters started his business as an irrigation company back in 2004 named Affordable Sprinklers, LLC. Since then we have grown and morphed into something different. Recognizing that our customer needs have evolved we felt we should also evolve.

The Peters Group (previously known as Affordable Sprinklers)No longer are we Affordable Sprinklers, specializing only in irrigation systems, but we are now The Peters Group specializing in a one stop shop for all your outdoor landscaping needs. This allows our customers to have one company handling all their landscaping needs from designing their outside oasis to maintaining it. We are able to meet most of your lawn care needs. Whether you would like to install an irrigation system, add some outdoor lighting, or would like to do some landscaping, The Peters Group can handle that for you. After the installation of your sprinkler system or landscaping we are able to maintain, repair, and upkeep your beautiful new lawn with a simple phone call to the office to schedule your service.

This is not only a name change it is a transition into something special. We have upped our game to provide the best quality service we can. This means that we have smoothed processes to make it easier for customers. We have added services to create value for customers. We have streamlined our communications process by creating a new website. We have changed how we schedule our customers. We are always looking for ways to improve our customers experience with us. Join us on our journey to creating the best Lawn & Irrigation company in Indianapolis.


The Chris and Merlene Peters Foundation

Read about out how the Foundation is helping young people and the community and find out how you can help.



Here are some of the organizations we are accredited with.