Irrigation System (Sprinkler) FAQs

Everyone has questions. Here are some answers to the most asked questions

Q. How long have you been in business? A. The Peters Group (Previously known as Affordable Sprinklers, LLC) has been in business for over 10 years.

Q. Why should anyone install a sprinkler system on their property? A. Why not, a sprinkler system will save money, for now you have controlled water, no hose across your lawn wasting water, valuable environment resources and money, now you will get the kind of green lawn you’ve always wanted.

Q. One or more zones are running even when I change the programming on the controller or turn the controller off, why is that? A. The problem is not electrical but mechanical the diaphragm inside the valve is stuck open because of some object lodged there. It may also that the valve is faulty and has to be replaced.

Q. After initial installation of sprinkler system what is the first and frequent issue to look out for? A. Heads adjustment will need to be fined tuned, then leaks the next possibility.

Q. How will I know if there is a leak on the system and how can I turn it off to prevent a high water bill? A. Water will percolate and system will lose pressure causing heads to not come up or spray weakly.

Q. Should a sprinkler system be maintained and if yes why? A. Yes whether it is a warm or cold climate it must be winterized to prevent freezing or to prevent wear and tear.

Q. Are there warranties on newly installed systems to cover products and services? A. Yes we do inform clients of manufactures warranties, and we do give 1-year free labor service.

Q. Is the 1-year free labor service the same as the maintenance agreement? A. No the 1-year free labor service is for any tweaking and correcting issues that arise to the system. They are free of charge. The maintenance agreement is concerned with the start-up, backflow test and winterization.

Q. Why does just one zone runs at a time and not all zones at the same time? A. All controllers are made to run zones sequentially, if all zones run simultaneously the system will lose pressure and not work correctly.

Q. Should a start time be given for each zone or is just one time for running whether morning or evening? A. Yes one time can be given the zones will start from zone 1 will run in sequence and return to its automated status when zone run time comes to an end.

Q. Why should sprinkler heads be installed at ground level, straight and not above ground? A. Proper installation of sprinkler heads will aid in enhancing water coverage, hence giving you greener healthier lawns. Heads must never lean.

Q. How long does it take to install a sprinkler system? A. It depends on how many zones will comprise the system. Systems with 1to 6 even 7 zones can be installed in 1-2 days.

Q. When and what time is best to run the sprinkler system? A. Like breakfast the first meal of the day, running the sprinkler system early in the morning is breakfast for your lawn give it a good start for the day. 3:30 am. To 5:30 am.

Q. Can the sprinkler system be set to run more than once a day? A. Yes, depending on the controller it can run any number of times, most run it twice a day morning and evening.

Q. Which is better trenching or pulling the pipe in the ground? A. It is depend if the yard is set with sod or already seeded, if it is pulling the pipe is faster, cleaner and more efficient. Trenching works for open rough ground that has not been finally graded.

Q. Should a sprinkler system be installed before sod and other landscape plantings are put in place? A. Yes because the sprinkler system will aid in keeping the sod and plants alive.Otherwise you could run the risk of dead plants and sod from lack of watering.

Q. If electricity goes out because of lighting strike will the programming be kept? A. Yes as long as there is a working battery inside the controller. Always check to be sure the battery is good.

Q. If there is a lighting strike; can that affect the controller or timer from working and how will I know? A. Yes if as a result electricity goes out. The GFI outlet can be tripped this will have to be reset. In some cases if there was an electrical surge it can do great damage to the controller. In most cases the fuse will blow out and spare the controller the damage of burning out.

Q. What else can affect coverage of the sprinkler heads on the lawn? A. Heads buried too deep in the lawn, leaning and not straight heads, if the nozzle inside of the head comes out you will see a heavy flow of water, heads sticking up and getting chopped off by lawn mower, heads that are stuck and not moving (caused by rocks inside of the head).

Q. Can an existing sprinkler system be modified to improve on water coverage? A. Yes and in some cases it is very necessary, cost will vary depending on how much modification is needed.

Q. Can a controller burn out from an electrical surge? A. Yes, and if that ever happens it will have to be replaced.

Q. Do all controllers need a battery for back up and if electricity goes out will that battery keep the programming? A. Yes all controllers need to have a battery for programming backup, if there is no battery and electricity goes out the controller will have to be reprogrammed.

Q. If electricity goes out and it comes back but the controller still says ‘no power’ what should be done next. A. Most times a simple resetting of the GFI outlet somewhere in the vicinity will return electricity to the controller.

Q. Can a sprinkler system be installed before a deck, patio, pools, fence or other outdoor projects be installed? A. Yes it can be done with the homeowners consent and any information provided by them on the imminent project.

Q. What part of the sprinkler systems is easiest to freeze and break? A. The backflow preventer simply because it is above ground.

Q. What is involved in winterizing a sprinkler system? A. Air is pumped into the system after the main valve for sprinkler system is shut of and valve switches are opened up.

Q. Will installing a sprinkler system improve water consumptions for lawns? A. Without a doubt, for now watering is done under controlled watering of a timer. The priority is to be sure that controller is program to run optimally.

Q. Should I go ahead and have one installed? A. Yes it is time to enjoy your yard and leave the work to us.





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