Eco Friendly (Green) Lawn Care

The Peters Group is committed to helping our earth. We work all day long in the outside environment. We know how important it is to keep our earth beautiful so the future generations can enjoy what our world has to offer. Our company does what it can when it can to help preserve our earth and resources. We take pride in our environmentally friendly initiatives and are always looking for more ways to be “Green”.

Being Green in the Field

  • Supply all customers with Complimentary Rain Sensor upon installation of irrigation systems to reduce the use of water.
  • Design Sprinkler systems coverage to use the least amount of water to water customers lawns
  • Respond promptly to broken systems
  • Recycle metal parts instead of just throwing them away
  • Provide customers with Water saving tips

Being Green in the Office

  • We recycle all paper
  • We ensure lights are out when not in use
  • Our Thermostats are set low in the winter and high in the summer to conserve energy
  • Updating our policies to reduce the use of paper
  • Always looking for ways to reduce our impact on earth
  • Scheduling appointments with location in mind to reduce the use of fuel used thereby reducing emissions created by our vehicles

The Peters Group is always looking for new ways to be green to help conserve and preserve our earth, while providing our clients with the highest quality irrigation, lawn care, and landscaping services. Keep checking back to see what else we come up with to help conserve and support a healthy planet.



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