General Contracting Services

As a General Contractor, we work with other companies to give you the best quotes for high-quality work that we oversee for you. The goal is to have subcontractors compete for your projects by giving us competitive pricing and the highest quality work based on their experiences. As your General Contractor, we hold ourselves responsible for managing and building a project designed by someone else. We also oversee important renovation and building projects and manage and hire subcontractors and other laborers in construction projects. As the supervisor of the entire project, we ensure that the subcontractors are doing their job and being paid for it correctly and in a timely manner. We are also the main contact with the clients or owners.

The Process

After given the cost of the project and drawings we then contact all our subcontractors that have been awarded jobs related to the project whether it be commercial, industrial or residential buildings. Given a start date and a completion date we then get to work.

Subcontractor Qualifications

  1. All subcontractors must carry their own insurance. 
  2. They also must be bonded and licensed. 
  3. They must show projects that were completed (including pictorial evidence)
  4. We do a background search and asked for contact information from all previous customers they worked for. 
  5. We take the information given seriously and use that as a requirement to take them on to work with us on all future projects. 
  6. They must also show that they have employees qualified to perform the necessary projects that they are bidding for.
  7. All subcontractors must sign a contract committing them to go along with the high standard of work that we expect from them.

Before we Hire

We also look at all social media reviews, Better Business Bureau Accreditation, Angie’s List, Google Reviews and other important links for assessing the quality, professionalism and work ethics of all our subcontractors.

Who we Hire

We hire specialists to attend to plumbing, heating and air conditioning, electrical, excavating, masonry, steel construction, painting, roofing, security systems, Technology and all other areas of labor that it will take to finish the project on time.

Licensing Requirements for General Contracting

Some states require General Contractors to be licensed in order to work on projects. Each state has different requirements. General Contractors with a license improve their skills with current knowledge in business methods, regulation requirements and building maintenance. Licensed General Contractors can be more appealing to customers because they demonstrate credibility and training. 

Do you want your project to be delivered on schedule? Do you want the project delivered within your budget? Do you want the construction process to satisfy your needs and expectations?  If the answers to these questions are Yes, then your ultimate report card on the work on any general contractor is us.



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