Wireless, Electronic Dog & Pet Containment Fencing

Electric Dog Fence Installation (Indianapolis)In many families animals are not just pets but part of the family. If that is you then you want to keep your pet safe, happy and healthy. It is easy to worry about your pet's safety when they can easily escape your yard. There are many time-consuming solutions to this hazard. Our solution is a wireless (electronic) pet containment fence and it is pretty much trouble-free and your pet will be able to roam your yard free and you will be now worry-free. A wireless, electronic dog or pet fence will help you feel safer about your pet's safety. If you are like most people you do not have a lot of extra time or the know-how to install a wireless fence. Let the Peters Group install it for you.

Wireless Pet Fence Installation and Services

Electric Cat CollarWhen we install your fence these are the services that you can expect from us.

  • Installation of the underground wiring
  • Installation of the pet controller
  • Collar for your pet – additional collars at your request and fee
  • Training your pet of the boundaries
  • Warranty to cover your Fence
  • Planning and Design
  • Drawing of Wiring
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Timely Installation
  • Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction

Making the call to The Peters Group to install your Wireless Pet Containment Fence will give you the peace of mind you want in keeping your pet safely on your property.



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